SmartVision 3

Braille SmartVision3

The only Google certified Smartphone especially designed for visualy impaired.


SmartVision 3 is embeded with native Android Talkback. With a simple clic you can acces to all your favorite applications.  


Smartvision 3

Essential Features

A Smartphone which fullfills the need of visualy impaired.


Fingerprint sensor

Thanks to fingerprint sensor you can protect your SmartVision 3 and secure your banking transactions.  No need to type your secret code.


Touch screen and keypad

The keypad is made of large and spaced buttons with marks in relief on the most important keys. Thanks to multi-directional pad and central validation button the navigation becomes trivial.


Voice recognition

You can control SmartVision 3 entirely by voice. The dedicated voice command key allows you either to dictate text in the input area or browse internet  thanks to  Google Assistant.

wireless-charging picto free

Inductive charger

With wireless charger you no longer need to use a cable. Just drop SmartVision 3 on its wireless charger bed to ensure hassle-free charging.

Hearing aid compatibility

Voice command and recognition

picto reconnaissence vocale

Vocalized GPS navigation

picto gps vocalisée

Optical character recognition


Smartvision 3

Touch screen and keypad

Vocalized user interface

picto lecteur livre audio

Multi-format audiobook playback

picto loupe numérique avec filtres

Magnifier with filters




Telephone, SMS/MMS, Contacts, Email, Internet

Daily life

Dictaphone, Agenda, Alarm, Calculator, Notes

Vision aid

Magnifier, Color detector and finder, Light detector, Banknote detector, Optical Character Recognition, Object detection with NFC tags,

Support and security

Kapten pedestrian GPS, Remote assistance mode,
Teamviewer, geolocated emergency calls and SMS via the SOS function


Music player, camera, FM radio, web radio, multi-format audiobook player and document reader (PDF, Daisy, ePUB, Word, Txt, html, xml)


Compatible with all PlayStore applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc…)


Cristal clear text-to-speech

Explore by touch

Shortcut keys (30+): Speed ​​dial, phone status, etc.

Choice of font size

Customizable text magnification feature with choice of sizes, contrasts and scrolling speed

Magnification gestures to zoom in on the screen

Braille display compatible and external keyboard via Bluetooth connection



Android 11.0

Internal memory of 64GB

Double SIM card

4G  compatible (down link up to 300 Mbit/s)

USB type C connector with OTG

7-day standby time

Main and front cameras

HD video recording at 30 fps

Wi-Fi / BT / NFC technology

GPS + Gallileo + Glonass

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