Since 2007, KAPSYS designs and sells digital mobility and communication devices for seniors and visually-impaired people. Designed to ease the daily life of their users, KAPSYS products offer innovative features, accessible by all through simple and user-friendly interfaces.


Logo SmartConnect by KAPSYSSmartConnect by KAPSYS: the first Android Smartphone with touchscreen and keypad, specifically designed for seniors.

SmartConnect favorite applications (menu)SmartConnect by KAPSYS is intended for seniors interested in high-tech products and wanting a device to enable them to benefit from the latest advances in communication. Similar to the most advanced smartphones available on the market but easier to use, this mobile phone is designed to offer a rich and intuitive smartphone experience via a set of simple and readable menus, large icons, “text-to-speech” assistance and speech recognition.

SmartConnect by KAPSYS also has an optional feature: wireless video transmission to a television, made possible by new Miracast™ technology, enabling the screen of the smartphone to be displayed much larger on the TV screen, in real time.

The special features of SmartConnect by KAPSYS :

Internet-based remote assistance, enabling an authorized third party to take control of the smartphone and (re)configure it in case of need ;
An emergency call button, with GPS location and automatic sending of the phone’s address location..

Logo SmartVision by KAPSYSSmartVision by KAPSYS: the first smartphone designed specifically for people with impaired vision.
SmartVision by Kapsys in magnifying mode
Designed for optimum accessibility, SmartVision by KAPSYS uses advanced ergonomics and voice assistance to make the device totally user-friendly for the visually impaired.

Its “hybrid” user interface can be controlled via :
› A sophisticated voice-control system reacting to natural language
› A touchscreen (supporting the accessibility gestures)
› An integrated keypad

SmartVision by KAPSYS also includes a set of enhanced-accessibility features whereby movements of the finger on the touchscreen control the main functions with simple predefined gestures.

But the SmartVision by KAPSYS phone is a lot more than just a dedicated interface. In addition to all the features of a regular Android smartphone, SmartVision by KAPSYS includes applications to assist the visually impaired in their everyday lives.

The special features of SmartVision by KAPSYS :

Video magnifying function: digital magnifier with contrast filters
GPS pedestrian navigation
Optical recognition of characters
Identification of objects using near-field communication (NFC) tags

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KAPTEN MOBILITY is a fully voice-controllable portable navigation device, designed to assist people with a visual handicap in their daily mobility.

KaptenWith its INTEGRATED MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER, KAPTEN MOBILITY remains compact and lightweight, and gives you all, right in the palm of your hand.
Its FAST TIME TO FIRST LOCATION TECHNOLOGY allows you to start your navigation quickly after you leave home while the HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERY supports more than 18 hours of uninterrupted voice navigation
Designed with the collaboration of visually-impaired people to guarantee perfect accessibility, KAPTEN MOBILITY combines a robust voice-controlled interface with 3D-marked buttons.