Who is KAPSYS?

Created in 2007 by Aram Hékimian, entrepreneur specialist of telecommunication technologies and former co-founder of Wavecom, KAPSYS is a french company designing and selling digital mobility and communication devices for visually-impaired people. Designed to ease the daily life of their users, KAPSYS products offer innovative features, accessible by all through simple and user-friendly interfaces.

Thanks to its expertise in the fields of embedded intelligence and voice technologies, KAPSYS has developed a range of portable digital products especially adapted to people with altered perception capacities.

A culture of innovation at people’s service

In 2008, one year after its creation, KAPSYS shakes the world of GPS navigation by launching KAPTEN, the first 100% voice-controlled portable navigation device. Designed to facilitate people’s travels, in particular in urban environments, this company’s best-seller today enables thousands of persons to travel in a smarter way whatever transport mode is chosen.
The KAPTEN’s user interface based on sophisticated voice recognition and speech synthesis, make GPS navigation accessible to everyone and in particular to seniors and people with visual disabilities.

In 2009, building upon its expertise in smart navigation, KAPSYS launches KAPTEN FOR IPHONE, the first onboard navigation application for iPhone with a (freely renewable) monthly license.

In 2010, the company innovates once again and creates KAPTEN NG, the first pocket-size multi-transport navigator.

Since 2010, KAPSYS keeps on designing and offering digital mobility and wireless communication devices specifically adapted to people with visual disabilities.

Supported by a wide distribution network, KAPSYS products are available in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

KAPSYS, the world at your fingertips…

KAPSYS, company milestones

2007: KAPSYS is founded in Mougins (FRANCE), within the SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS technology valley.
2008 : Launch of KAPTEN, the first 100% voice-controlled portable navigation device, accessible to all, including people with visual disabilities.
2009 : Launch of KAPTEN FOR IPHONE, the first navigation application for iPhone with a (freely renewable) monthly license.
2010 : Launch of KAPTEN NG, the first pocket-size multi-transport navigator.
2011 : Launch of KAPTEN PLUS, a fully voice-controlled GPS navigator with specific features for blind and visually-impaired people.
2012 : Launch of KAPTEN MOBILITY, the first integrated GPS system specifically designed to help visually-impaired people in their daily mobility.
2013 : Launch of SMARTCONNECT, first Smartphone with touchscreen and keypad dedicated to seniors.
2014 : Launch of SMARTVISION, first Smartphone with touchscreen, keypad and voice command dedicated to visually impaired and blinds.
2016 : Launch of SMARTVISION2, unique smartphone Android 6.0 dedicated to visually impaired with a simplified accessibility and innovative features for visual aid, recognition and everyday comfort.