SmartVision2, the perfect smartphone for blind

Dear Kapsys my name is Martin Lawlor and i am living in Ireland i have the kapsys smart vision phone 2 and i love it it is really great for me love that it is a smart phone whit buttons.
i am also blind so it is a great help to me.

SmartVision for Christmas

Almost two years ago, my daughter gave me a SmartVision for Christmas and it was a real change in my daily life! The pedestrian GPS application is great, I can now manage to move everywhere and all by myself. I send my SMS and emails very easily thanks to the voice command button. I recommend this smartphone to anyone who,

Nokia Vs SmartVision

I used for years an old Nokia C5, the keyboard is so important to me and I did not want to hear about any smartphones. But my therapist made me try the SmartVision and I did not believe in it, not only did I regain my habits of using the keyboard but now I have a real smartphone.

SmartVision Best ever

I tested every smartphone in the market and the SmartVision is by far the best! The product is very easy to use and I have all the applications I need. Congratulations to the team.