New KAPSYS phone: MiniVision2

KAPSYS team is very pleased to announce the new phone MiniVision2!

This new model meets the specific needs of visually impaired or blind people who want the essentials in a easy-to-use, vocalized and ergonomic phone.

MiniVision2 offers many physical and software improvements, such as:
– A new screen orientation for more characters on the screen
– A new physical keyboard with large spaced and textured keys
– A charging base
– A dedicated physical SOS button
– A new SIM card connector
– New functions: camera, gallery, light detector, “Where am I”, MMS
– New display modes on the screen with icones
– Premium speech synthesis already installedNew phone MiniVision2 by KAPSYS, with new keypad, in its charging baseIn addition to the keypad, you can also use voice commands to make calls, dictate text in your SMS or notes, or even open all the applications present.

Find out more details here: MiniVision2 full description
Please feel free to contact your local distributors for quotes or orders: Where to buy