December 2016

SmartVision2, the Smartphone « 100% Made in France »

A few weeks after the announcement of the relocation in France of all its production, KAPSYS launches SMARTVISION2, its first smartphone Android 6.0, 100% made in France, dedicated to the visually impaired.

After the success of the SMARTVISION model launched in 2014, KAPSYS wanted to complete its offer and benefit from its experience in this market,

KAPSYS relocates its production to France

KAPSYS, the leading global provider of mobility and communication solutions for the visually impaired, has moved its entire production back to France, in partnership with the global EMS BMS Circuits based in Bayonne, thus becoming 100% Made in France. A unique initiative in the telecoms sector as KAPSYS is now the only company that develops and manufactures smartphones in France.